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In French, "millefeuille" means a thousand pages. It's also my favourite pastry!

It is made of layers of puff pastry filled with custard, topped with icing sugar, and then decorated with chocolate. Only the best pâtissiers can make excellent millefeuilles.  The baking process is long and complicated, and the delicate skills required make it mysterious... Besides, you never know how a person will choose to eat it. They might look at it for a long time before deciding how to begin. Then they dive into the delights of this monument of flavour. Crisp and soft at once, it is unique.


Welcome to Millefeuille

When I made my first books, page by page, the name “millefeuille” came to me.
Millefeuille, a thousand ideas, and a thousand desires just as I want each of my books to be unique and customized for those who will choose them or receive them as presents.

Millefeuille because between these pages have slipped the thousand thoughts that I had deciding between the thousands of choices for paper and fabrics. A thousand hands will flip through these pages; a thousand lives and a thousand possible uses. The pages are gathered, assembled, and bound, then spend their lives carrying the words and images that lie within them. They will become happy memories, stories, intimate, loving or mysterious.

Last but not least because I get as much pleasure from making each of my books as I do from eating  a good millefeuille!

In France, a cream slice

is called  " un millefeuille"